Becoming a Love & Logic Parent

This workshop is taught in six, two-hour sessions (12 hours total instruction time). It covers all aspects of parenting, from the early toddler years through the time when kids go out on their own. By that time, if we’ve done our job as parents, they’re ready to face the world. It’s a quick ride (though it sometimes doesn’t feel that way), and anything we can learn along the way to be more effective is a good thing!

During the workshop, participants will:

See video tapes of Jim Fay, Dr. Foster Cline and Dr. Charles Fay telling stories. These always provide some laughs!

Listen to me talk about Love and Logic — there will be a few laughs here, too!

Do written exercises in the Participant Workbook

Problem-solve with other class members

Do a little role-playing

Have more fun than you’re supposed to have in a parenting workshop


The curriculum for the six sessions breaks down like this:becoming_page_image

Week One: Introductions, course objectives, Four Steps to Responsibility, Values

Week Two: Sharing control, opportunities for thinking and decision-making, bedtime, grandparents

Week Three: Control battles, sharing control with choices, parent/child patterns

Week Four: Parenting styles (helicopters, drill sargeants and consultants), guiding children to own and solve their own problems, Love and Logic one-liners to avoid control battles

Week Five: Setting limits, fighting words vs. thinking words, enforceable statements, the value of chores (and getting them done)

Week Six: Consequences vs punishment, designing consequences that are logical, the importance of empathy, wrap it up and take it home

There is plenty of time for questions and answers, and many participants feel that this is the most educational part of the workshop. At least it’s nice to know that we’re not the only ones experiencing a certain situation at home!