What is Love and Logic? Love and Logic is a simple philosophy, but it’s not easy.  When we’re under stress, our own parentsvoices tend to jump out of our mouths…and we say things we SWORE we would never say to our own kids.  We need to re-train ourselves, and, most of all, Mom and Dad need to be on the same page on how to go about the all-important job of parenting!  Love and Logic’s Goal: Love and Logic doesn’t have all the answers to change society – nor any intention to try.  The goal is really to help parents enjoy being a parent, and for kids to learn how to be responsible and prepare for life in the “real world”.  There are two rules that we start with:

  • RULE ONE:  Parents take good care of themselves
  • RULE TWO:  Parents let emphathy and consequences do the teaching for them.  (Rather than anger and punishment)
homepage-parentsParenting has never been an easy job! Parenting has never been easy…and it seems to be getting tougher.  The world has changed for kids, and parents are caught between old methods and new situations.  A generation ago, kids spent a good deal of their growing-up time outside, unsupervised by their parents.  They traveled by bicycle, hung out in parks and playgrounds, and came home when the streetlights came on, or they heard Mom calling them to dinner.  It’s a different world now.  Kids are transported in minivans to supervised activities by anxious adults who wouldn’t think of letting them out of their sight.  Between trips, its an inside world, with round-the-clock children’s programming on television, computer tutors and video games that serve as electronic babysitters.  Is it any wonder that children tend to not listen to their parents? 

teenagerLove and Logic Principles have served me well:  I talk to a lot of parents who are interested in Boy with blue eyes eating yogurtfinding out more about Love and Logic.  Some are concerned about a rambunctious two-year-old who is throwing food at the dinner table.  Others are in crisis because their 16-year-old has decided that school doesn’t matter any more.  Many are unsure how to discipline their children when it becomes clear that their own parents’ methods just won’t work like they used to.  Over the years I’ve found that the Love and Logic principles have served me well, though their application has changed as my children grew.  Teenagers are a lot like toddlers, only bigger.  Kids feel comfortable when they know that their parents set firm limits for them to push against.  Parenting is still the toughest, most important – and most rewarding – job there is!  Please browse my website to learn more about Love and Logic.  Barry Ebert