Growing with Spirit

A collection of songs for children includes: 

“Beautiful Child,”
“Roy G. Biv,”
“The Gingerbread Man,”
“Baby Tooth Mountain,”
“Inch by Inch,”
“Hop to It,”
“The Tree in My Front Yard,”
“The Vegetable Song”
and more.

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Beautiful Child


” Opening night”
” Beautiful child”
“Growing our garden”
“One Great Teacher”
“Living in Heaven”
” The Fire within Me”
“All the Roots Grow Deeper When its Dry”
“When the Baby Comes Home”
” Hop to It”
” I Love the Trees”
” I Let My Soul Surrender”
“I Will Step Aside”
“Freddy Speaks”

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What We’re Thinking About


“Turn Off Your Cell Phone,”
“Stand in the Fire,”
“On Medicine Mountain,”
“Growing with Spirit”
“The Dog Song”
and more.

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The Perfect Time


“Our Gaurdian Angel,”
“Held in the Hands of Spirit,”
“On the High Road”
and more.

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Headed Home


“One Ocean,”
“I Will Step Aside,”
“When Your Moment Comes,”
“The Tree in My Front Yard”
and more.

Purchase – $14.99



Alternate Ordering

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Barry Ebert
9799 West Wesley Court
Lakewood, CO 80227

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